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Interview: Prithvi Sai opens up about ‘Party for a Cause’ initiative

Prithvi Sai has been making a name for himself throughout his career for his unique production style as well as his charitable initiatives. During 2018 he has already released five tracks, each with different influences. His latest track, ‘PAROO‘ is undoubtedly his most popular yet, fusing Indian influences with hard-hitting big room house. But, his producing hasn’t been the only thing keeping him busy this year.

The young producer has just come back from his charity tour ‘Party for a Cause‘ where he was joined by Italian duo MARNIK. Over the course of three days, the artists performed in three cities, raising money to help disadvantaged children. We caught up with Prithvi Sai to talk about his unique production style as well as ‘Party for a Cause’.

Can you tell us a little bit about your career so far? What made you decide to start producing?

“I started my career when I was 10 years old as Asia’s Youngest DJ in 2008. Initially it was very difficult to get the gigs in clubs, as I was very small. But, later when the club owners realized my performance skills and confidence, there was no looking back. After a few years I found that producing my own music would give me better opportunities and I tried making remixes of Bollywood songs. Later, electronic music impressed me a lot and tried making EDM. I released my first album named ‘MASTER BLAST‘ when I was 13 years old through Worldwide Records and that’s how some producers connected and collaborated with me for further releases. I learnt to produce quality tracks through my collaborations.”

Your recent anthem ‘PAROO’ has already proven incredibly popular. What was the inspiration behind the track?

“Being an Indian, I love Indian classical music and I’m big fan of Maestro Ilaiyaraaja. I’ve grown up listening to his music. Later I found KSHMR, who started releasing electronic music using Indian flavor. That’s how I produced ‘PAROO’ using Indian vocals mixed with EDM punchy leads. The vocals stood out amazingly and the drop suited the track and made it more powerful.”

Your previous releases cover an incredibly diverse spectrum, is experimentation important to you as a producer?

“YES. I always try to experiment with music. My previous releases ‘BODHI’, ‘SATVA’, ‘Sitar in Melbourne’, ‘Mahakavya’, ‘MAHA’ were made with different flavors and got great reviews as well. Finally, ‘PAROO’ gave me a lot of recognition.”

You’ve just completed your ‘Party For A Cause’ charity tour alongside MARNIK, can you tell us a little bit about that?

“Party for a Cause is my baby, I started it when I was 11 years old. My parents always taught me to help the needy as much as you can. I remember, I was a kid at that time and one TV show about orphanage children and their lives touched me a lot. Initially I decided to do the charity tours during my School Summer Holidays and use my artist fee and goodwill I got from clubs to help the children. I continued it for 2 years and helped some mentally challenged and some poor and needy children. When it was about to become a revolution, some local DJs influenced some officials and put a stop to it, taking my age as a factor. Now I’m 21 and I decided to re-launch the unfinished purpose of the cause. The first artists I thought of were my brothers MARNIK, who were very close to me and I once performed alongside them. When I expressed my wish to them, they unconditionally supported me. I asked for a day, but I got 3 days from them. I should thank their agency Koolwaters for supporting this tour. We planned for a 3 city tour in Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore and raised some funds. We couldn’t achieve the target but, we were able to help some children this year. I’m really geared up for the next year and looking for another artist who can support the initiative in 2019.”

As the tour was in aid of poor children in India, what inspired you to choose this cause in particular?

“I saw a TV show about orphanage children and poor children with serious ailments like, HIV+, Cancer, and special needs touched me when I was 11 years old. I thought when God has given a talent to showcase, why can’t I use it for others who are in need and helpless!! My parents supported me on this and my father planned a tour initially in my summer holidays, after I completed my 5th standard final exams. Later I continued it for the next year too.”

How did the partnership with MARNIK come about? Why did you decide to choose them to join you on tour?

“I performed alongside MARNIK at Spinland Music Festival in Hyderabad. I got the opportunity to spend some quality time with them and they immediately became close to me, as I was the youngest among the other artists. I was 18 years old. They liked my music and my performance. Since then, I was in touch with them by email and Whatsapp. They used to like my music and support my releases. They’re great guys. When I thought of re-launching my unfinished initiative “Party for a Cause”, MARNIK were the first artists who came to mind, and rest is the history.”

What are your future plans for ‘Party For A Cause’?

“I want to make this a worldwide movement. I want continue this throughout my life every year. I need support from big artists. I not only seek support for Party for a Cause, I request each and every artist to give day in the whole year for humanity. I want every artist to be human for human. Children are inheritance of God. Mostly, orphans are easily ignored. They suffer in a big way, without any fault. They are to be supported to achieve their goals. I know many abandoned talented kids who cannot afford to achieve anything. And, we need to help poor children with serious ailments, whose parents cannot afford to treat them properly. We need to show some humanity towards them.

One day in a year matters a lot. Each and every DJ or artist should contribute a day and showcase their talent for disadvantaged children and help them to have a better standard of life. I hope this will serve as an inspiration for the people all over the world to bring out their humanity for the helpless children. I believe that, talent is a gift and we need to use it fruitfully and not miss the chance to give back by helping the needy children.”

Find out more about ‘Party for a Cause’ here.

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