Re Bel – Empress

Re Bel, Italian hip-hop artist has released her second solo track. The song is called ‘Empress’ and was released around a month ago. Even though the Italian was not specifically known as a solo artist before, Electronic Dance Music fans definitely know her from her collabs together with ANGEMI. The 22-year old Italian producer has made big waves in EDM over the last couple of years, playing on main stages of top tier festivals such as Tomorrowland. The two Italians have teamed up two times, for ‘Show Your Flame’ and ‘Wishing Loud’making Re Bel a known name and voice amongst listeners of ANGEMI.

The lyrics of ‘Empress’ are aimed to serve to give the listener a motivational push. More precisely, the female listeners. Re Bel tells the story of believing in your own strength and power, to become an Empress and therefore be able to fulfill all your dreams and desires. Re Bel herself has a deep belief in ‘if you can dream it, you can do it’ and everybody can see that she surely followed and accomplished her dreams. The track was released on Cloverthree Music and charted on the 64th place on iTunes Top 200 Italian Rap/Hip-Hop charts. The song features both some fast rap lines and some more melodic parts. The drop is a powerful combination of trap and bass elements.

The song comes with an own music video, showing Re Bel as an Empress in an Egyptian style alongside some dancers as well as other stunning elements. Check out Re Bel’s song ‘Empress’ below!