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SLUMBERJACK & Troyboi – Solid

Any dedicated trap fan knows that if Australian powerhouse Slumberjack or the British legend Troyboi release a record, you listen. But what about when they make one together? Well, it was discovered this week that it’s pure and utter magic. These two incredible producers have always been known for evolving in the ever-changing community of trap and bass music, whilst still remaining clear and true to their organic roots that initially gave them their starts. This time coming together for a massive Monstercat release, bringing the old school sound back to the surface and tastefully staying above the modern curve that is 2018.

The song begins with a thick melodic bed of ambience topped with a distant, reverberated synth that seems to just glide above the mix guiding it’s listeners perfectly through the jungle-type atmosphere. The subtle drum build creeps it’s way to the forefront until a pluck style fill emerges and the first kick thumps you to your very core. They masterfully craft the perfect collaboration throughout the drops, where both styles come together seamlessly. The razor-like plucks give just the right amount of bounce whilst the drums keep your head nodding. Cutting surprise additions of melodic chordal stabs continues to keep the listener on their toes throughout the entirety of the record.

SLUMBERJACK and Troyboi have showed continuously that they will remain pioneers of the music industry. Both respectfully having an outstanding year in their own endeavours and still managing to come together for one last banger to end 2018 just shows neither of them will be playing around in the upcoming new year.  If you have not heard this tune yet, change that by accessing the link below.

You may also purchase on iTunes here.