Snails returns with diverse EP ‘SLIMEAGEDDON’

Music producer Snails has returned in dominant fashion to deliver a mind-blowing EP for the electronic dance music scene and this one will literally blow your head off. Associated with the more bass-heavy sounds of the electronic music spectrum, it is no surprise that Snails, real name Frédérik Durand, is delivering an EP that showcases the producer’s diversity while staying true to his signature beats. Of course, the EP is fittingly titled SLIMEAGEDDON and features a seven-track strong line up of productions. If you’re looking for something to grind through your subwoofer, this EP is for you.

The producer who hails from Quebec had recently teased his fans (also known as the Vomitsquad) to a selection of releases over the past months which included the massive production ‘Magnets‘ with Zeds Dead and ‘Snailphant‘ with Wooli. Now the Vomitsquad, prepared as ever, are jumping with joy after receiving the full EP which features three brand new and unheard tracks. With music productions like the rampant ‘Bonkers‘ with Sirah and ‘RAVN‘, a track that has ferocious synths and kicks off the beginning of the EP, no fan is left short of a bass-layered feast that will assault the eardrums in an infectious manner. You might want to buckle yourself in when listening to SLIMEAGEDDON.

Durand continues to deploy a level of dominance among his peers demonstrating that he is currently at the top of his game while constantly associated with various huge names including Skrillex and Diplo to name a few. With the DJ on his massive The Shell 2.0 tour, there has never been a better time to catch Snails in action, and we promise you it will be an unforgettable experience. Prepare your ears and listen to SLIMEAGEDDON below. Make sure to check back for more updates on all your favourite artists.