Swedish House Mafia

Swedish House Mafia’s next tour stop discovery rumoured to be Finland

All over Europe and all over the world, three black dots are starting to be displayed. To the delight of many, eruptions of joy and surprise follow when a tour destination for the Swedish House Mafia is discovered. So far, the stops that are confirmed are Mexico City, Stockholm, Denmark, Norway, Austria, and the UK. There have been many advancements in the past few weeks and there are more signs pointing to new destinations very frequently.

Appearing on edmtunes, we can see a link to a reddit post where a fan reportedly saw a poster in Finland with the black dots displayed. The date on the bottom is printed as “19.07.19”.

Finland/Estonia looks to be next?…. 19.7.19 from SwedishHouseMafia

After inspection, the post was re-edited to highlight how signs point to the new destination being Weekend Festival. Weekend Festival has been around since 2012 and over the years has risen to be a prominent festival that draws in major artists and DJ’s from all over the world. n 2013 the festival location was changed to its old location at Kyläsaari/Kalasatama in Helsinki. The festival primarily caters to DJ’s and electronic acts however it has hosted artists from other genres. What makes this especially exciting is how the last time Swedish House Mafia played Finland was at Hartwall Arena in Helsinki way back in 2012 when the group were at their prime.

Swedish House Mafia