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The Crystal Method is coming to Toronto

The Crystal Method has been creating music for nearly thirty years now. When it comes to Electronic Dance Music they are surely among the very best, even when compared to current artists. Now Toronto has all the reasons to be excited as it will be treated to the Crystal Method’s fiery music. The venue for the concert is the Phoenix Theatre and this is the only stop in the tour of Canada. The act will be staying at Toronto for the entirety of December so it is a great option for people who plan to go clubbing.

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About the Crystal Method

Getting back to The Crystal Method, they started off in the early nineties, which was an inspiring time for electronic music as several other excellent acts like Fatboy Slim, The Prodigy, and Chemical Brothers also began their journey around the same time. The Crystal Method comprised of two members, but since Ken Jordan retired Scott Kirkland has been creating new music under the same name.

The tour is to promote the latest album The Trip Home which has characteristics of hip-hop and reggae. But that does not take it too far away from their constant theme – intense beats and sounds which they are renowned for.

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Their influence

When the Crystal Method started gaining popularity in the 90s I had just gotten into middle school. I had listened to some other EDM artists but when I heard the Crystal Method’s sound it absolutely blew my mind.

Numerous popular movies, games and TV series feature their music, the likes of Blade II and Lucy for example. Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan were an immensely talented duo and the fact that they have five platinum records speaks for it. The Crystal Method’s music creates a magic that I doubt any number of Martin Garrix’ albums can do.

Recently Scott Kirkland met with an absolute legend in the field of electronic music, Jean-Michael Jarre, for a conversation set up by Forbes. Excerpt from the conversation reveals that the two titans of EDM nearly collaborated for a project of Jarre’s. Unfortunately that never happened.

The Crystal Method stands out for its distinctive, lively, and energetic sound and I am getting impatient to see what effect it has on Toronto’s crowd.

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