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Thrones Club set its eyes on clublife in Cyprus’ Famagusta

A city widely known for its historical landmarks and staggering medieval architecture, Famagusta was one of the key stops in the historical Silk Road and remained a mainstay of merchant trade and luxury during the early periods of trade. Today, the city, located on the north-east coast of Cyprus, maintains its status as the leading hubs of commerce and trade. And where there is such bustling trade, modes of entertainment soon follow.

Set up no less than a month and a half ago, Thrones Club has set its eyes on becoming a front-runner in the race for glory along the north-east coast club scene in Cyprus. The club, which is named after the famous ‘Game of Thrones’ series, began operations on 9th of November and has already featured the likes of Teamworx, Wiwek, Sandro Silva and Yung Felix among others to have graced the post behind the decks. Brimming with a capacity of some 800 attendees, the club enforces standard rules and does pride itself with having a two-floor setup. Live shows with dancers and acrobats are also an attraction for the club goers to enjoy.

With the setup being so, the Thrones Club features Latin music nights on Tuesday, R&B and Hip-Hop nights on Wednesdays and the floor is up for the Turkish artists and acts on Friday for the local Turkish speaking crowd. Having taken to local concerns closely, Saturday is aimed at a wider audience with it being a ‘universal DJ night’ that features the top of the notch artists from wide world of dance music.

With so much to offer, it really looks to be the case that the Thrones club his here to turn the tide at this historical port city. While a myriad of acts have already made their presence felt in the city, alongside legendary duo of Vini Vici along with Animato and Reality Test. Jenia‘s performance on the 29th and Umut Özsoy‘s NYE performance will mark the end of the year for the club as it heads into 2019 to script its very own story of success.

Relive Vini Vici’s monumental performance at Thrones below:

For more information, follow the club’s Facebook page here.

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