Zedd breaks down his most iconic tracks with GQ

What a year it has been for popular music producer Zedd who has continued his fine form since 2018 opened all those many months ago. Real name Anton Zaslavski, the DJ has proven he is one of the best producers on the block with a musical repitoire that supports such a statement. To further back up just how great a DJ Anton is, he is the most nominated electronic act for the upcoming Grammy Awards and we reckon he could definetly pick up some gold-plated trophies at the ceremony. Of course, his success lends its hand to the hugely-popular tracks the DJ produces and releases. This year Zedd dropped his track ‘The Middle‘ which sought huge success across streaming platforms and proved a hit with his many fans. On the topic of tracks, GQ caught up with Zedd in an interview to discuss his most inconic hits from the past.

Zedd goes in-depth and breaks down his most inconic tracks since breaking on the scene as a music producer. The artists opens up with ‘Clarity‘, a production that has long stood the test of time being an electornic favourite among all dance music fans and continues to earn itself playtime across airwaves and festivals. The interview with Zedd also covers tracks such as ‘Spectrum‘, ‘Break Free‘ and Stay The Night‘ as Zedd explains this track was a follow-up to ‘Clarity’.

If you’re a solid fanatic of the German producer then this interview is for you. Not only do we love to hear about how his tracks come to fruitation, but hearing how certain singers were pricked for vocals and how the long his productions took to produce is the kind of background information all fans want to cast an ear on. Feast your Zedd fix and watch the interview below. You might find yourself loving the music producer even more.