ZNAS – Acid Rain (BeatportBeatsInSchool)

With 2019 right around the corner, music producers across the globe are pushing their limits before the new year arrives and so far we’ve seen some epic releases in the last few months. Joining the surge of epic tracks hitting the streams and charts, Spanish music producer ZNAS shows he’s able to rival in the most talented artists on the scene with his most recent musical drop that’s certainly catching the attention of many. His latest track is called ‘Acid Rain (BeatportBeatsInSchool)‘, and surprisingly, it fittingly compliments the melodic techno soundscapes ZNAS has produced. Prepare yourself for the beauty of electronic music as this production is more than just a musical journey.

Acid Rain (BeatportBeatsInSchool)‘ controls the senses with its spacey vibes that twist and turn upon entering the eardrum. Euphoria comes in all states and sounds as demonstrated in this captivating concoction of melodic beats and trippy synths. The production doesn’t overdo its basslines or escalate with thunderous beats, instead, ‘Acid Rain (BeatportBeatsInSchool)’ stays true to its subtle techno character making for easy and pleasable listening, but allowing your mind to relax in a state of musical trance. This track can prove its worth anywhere, anytime.

ZNAS has pinpointed himself on the map with this production that has all the makings of a solid melodic techno/deep house production. If you’re yet to acquaint yourself with the Spanish music producers repertoire of music, we suggest you do that right away. Check out more from ZNAS on his SoundCloud here. In the meantime, get lost in the beautiful sounds of ‘Acid Rain (BeatportBeatsInSchool)’ below.