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Widely acknowledged as one of the most influential releases of modern times, Adam K & Soha‘s ‘Need To Feel Loved’ has been given a fresh 2019 twist, with the duo providing the prog classic with a modern touch on Armada Music. 

Originally made by Refelkt in 2004, the single gained huge popularity when Adam K & Soha added a slick vocal mix, which soon surged to over 6 million Spotify streams, and now, a full 15 years later, the track has re-emerged for 2019. Lacing the mix with a blissful progressive build and crisply structured chord pattern, ‘Need To Feel Loved’ echoes the peak work of iconic producers such as Pryda, Capa, and Above & Beyond.

Released on Armin van Buuren‘s label, the track precedes the Dutch icon’s forthcoming show at Wembley Arena in April, and you can check it out right here: