Adrian Lux teases new release coming this week

Fan favourite Adrian Lux is best known for his 2010 hit single ‘Teenage Crime’, which has been playing in clubs and on the biggest festivals stages regularly ever since its official release on Axtone, even though the song is almost 10 years old now, it remains a truly timeless one. The Swedish DJ and producer released some truly memorable records during 2018. His collaboration with Tobtok As I Sleep‘ marvelled listeners around the world who were captured by the incredible piano hook and the infectious vocal. Throughout the year, he also released the likes of ” and ”. Adrian Lux shows no sign of slowing down in 2019, as he recently took to his Instagram to post a mysterious trailer style video, which many fans believe to be a snippet from an upcoming track of his.

The preview posted by Adrian Lux onto his Instagram is built around the theme of space and also features a very retro, 1980s inspired vibe. The video starts off showing planet-like shapes, which are then covered by some bright yellow text spelling ‘meditation’. Though no further details are official yet, this may lead to think that a new song titled ‘Meditation’ is on the way this week, as the video is captioned with the date 24/01/2019, which suggests the track could be coming as soon as this Thursday. The background music to the video also gives off a very spacious vibe, with big retro sounding synth pads playing a slow beautiful melody.

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Be sure to check out the announcement post on Adrian Lux’s Instagram below.

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