Aidan Black

Aidan Black – Paradise

Is it just because we’re a month closer to summer or are January’s track releases getting hotter with each passing day? Talking of hot tracks, we’ve got a fresh new tropical sound on our hands and it’s brimming full of the summer-sunshine vibes – the type you find on The White Isle of Ibiza. The track is fittingly called ‘Paradise‘ and it has been released by a music producer flying low on the electronic dance music scene called Aidan Black. However, the DJ will soon be on the radar more frequently thanks to a succession of tracks throughout 2018 that reeled in half a million streams on Spotify. That said, it’s time to check out the beauty of ‘Paradise‘.

With instantly recognisable tropical sounds, the track bears a relaxed vibe which is further complemented by soothing vocals and soft beats. Even the build-up to the chorus welcomes the listener with open arms before the drop sends you packing your bags on the next flight to warm weather and sandy beaches. ‘Paradise’ is a classical house production that hits all the right notes with its modern tropical vibes and EDM drums. This one is here to stay and we can’t wait for it to hit the festival and club circuit.

Aidan Black might not have much of a story because the music producer has been keeping his head down, working on his music for a while. But with tracks like ‘Paradise’, we’re certain the DJ will be in the spotlight in no time at all. If you need to freshen up your playlists then add this track to your mix. It will be one decision you won’t regret. Now, enjoy the tropical melody below.