deadmau5 drops first ever movie score album ‘Polar’

It seems that there is no stopping Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5) from wanting to reach new heights in music. Deadmau5 is yet again striving to break boundaries with his music and he has done just that with his new album, providing the score for Netflix’s dark action film ‘Polar‘.

The album and movie just dropped in the early morning of January 25th. This is Deadmau5’s first ever scoring of a film and it does not disappoint with the dark, twisted mood that follows the film. The album itself comes with a mix of dark, gloomy, meditative and suspenseful feelings that keep you wanting for more even after the album is done. The album is different when compared with what fans are used to hearing from the Canadian producer, miles apart from the upbeat electronic tracks that he is famously known for. It’s as if the dark tone of the album came naturally to him and he was just waiting for the right time to show everyone what he was holding back in the studio. This won’t be Deadmau5’s final score of a film as he said an interview with Forbes:

“Reason number two why I signed on cause I know if you’re doing anything for Netflix it’s pretty flexible in terms of content and stuff like that. I see a lot more things coming from Netflix than I do from Hollywood in general.”

Make sure to check out both the film and album ‘Polar’.