Arno Cost & Norman Doray – Together

They’re back, they’re back, THEY’RE BACK!

This was probably the reaction of most progressive fans from the glory days when they found out that the legendary Arno Cost & Norman Doray collaboration dream team is back with a brand new banger! Dropping on the phenomenal Positiva Records – home of classics like B.B.E.’s ‘Seven Days and One Week‘, Binary Finary’s ‘1998‘, and Ayla’s ‘Ayla‘ – their new progressive track fits right in amongst the existing releases on the UK based label. Something you may expected to hear on Axtone Records, ‘Together‘ is set to be a smash hit and is sure to see plenty of DJs supporting over the coming months.

With infectious collaborations together in the past, the duo are no strangers to the progressive house faithful. Huge success with ‘Strong‘, ‘Apocalypse‘, and ‘Paradisco‘ put the pair up there with some of the best duo’s, and their ability to bounce ideas together – no pun intended – and make something special. The groovy vibes on this track prove that once more, as ‘Together‘ radiates the sounds of older tracks from the pair, and the disco feel makes this one lovable for all! There is nothing better than a track to brighten up your week, and this is certainly the one! A simple acapella accompanies a brilliant instrumental to create an incredible production… Arno Cost and Norman Doray are well and truly back!

Check out the new release from Cost and Doray below, and drop it into your feel good playlists, crank up the volume, and let the happiness take over!

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