ARTY premieres music video for ‘Save Me Tonight’

Russian producer ARTY debuted his melodic new track ‘Save Me Tonight’ last week on Armada Music. Accompanying the release is a narrative music video starring Lily Collins and directed by Noah Centineo, who also plays a significant role in the video.

Actress and model Lily Collins is no stranger to the music industry, her father is drummer and music legend Phil Collins. This is the third music video the actress has starred in, previously appearing in ‘City of Angels’ by 30 Seconds To Mars and ‘Claudia Lewis’ by M83. ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ actor Noah Centineo tweeted that he was “stoked” to share his directorial debut with the world.

In the video, Lily plays the role of a teenager who moves to a different school and becomes the victim of bullying. Lily’s character is ‘saved’ from the bullies by Noah’s character. He invites her to join his group of friends, who formulate a colourful plan to teach the bullies a lesson. Like the song, the video has an upbeat ending and even features a cameo from ARTY himself. Watch the video below.