Arty delivers blissful new single ‘Save Me Tonight’

EDM heavyweight Arty seems to have this innate ability to constantly evolve within his artistry while still maintaining that signature sound or style fans have become ever so accustomed to. With a record-breaking 2018, starting it off with his single Sunrise going to #2 on US dance radio, as well as taking part in the first ever EDM and gaming collaboration soundtrack with Velvet, Arty shook the dance world. In fact, between his two monikers Arty & Alpha 9, he ended up releasing the most music by any EDM artist in 2018. Showing no signs of slowing down, it seems safe to say that the Russian producer has a lot to uncover as the year progresses, starting it off with a wondrous anthem: Save Me Tonight. 

Offering pretty lush chord progressions and trademark piano grooves, the single finds itself within a perfect concoction of nostalgic elements and forward-looking sounds. Driven by a vocal melody that oozes remembrance, you’ll find yourself singing back the lyrics even much after you’ve listened to the song… it’s catchy to say the least. Save Me Tonight progresses into a more euphoric atmosphere when the dreamy plucks and synths play on, presenting an enjoyable ambience reminiscent of those moments your hands are up and high on that dance floor before the kick hits. Just as expected, the drop highlights everything that’s good about Arty’s dominant presence in dance music; pulsating bass-lines, animated leads and fantastically appropriate drum patterns, it’s nothing short of an undoubtedly fine addition to Arty‘s discography.

Have a listen to the release yourself down below, or dive into a wonderfully emotional-driven music video starring Lilly Collins to truly immerse yourself within the story.