Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris reveals past alcohol consumption and shocks fans on Twitter

DJ/producer Calvin Harris, who recently was crowned by MTV as having released the most played video in 2018, has taken to Twitter to discuss his previous issue with alcohol consumption. The discussion was started when Harris answered a fan who said they miss him singing on stage:

The world’s highest-paid DJ says that the times in which he drank two whole bottles of Jack Daniel’s are in the past and this probably reflected in the absence of Harris’s tours, limited to specific shows such as his residency at OMNIA and Jingle Ball tour, nothing much beyond that.

Alcoholic consumption has been a long-running issue in the electronic music industry, with many artists having opened up about issues in the past. Asked about this being able to influence new talents, Harris said:

It is possible that Calvin Harris’ brutal honesty on the matter will finally silence fans who have continuously cried out for him to sing during live shows once again. The mental and physical health of artists is a talking point now more than ever before, with many having spoken out about the darker sides of the industry. Take a look at a video of Calvin Harris singing live in 2009 below.