Dash Berlin reveals the story behind their classic tune ‘Till The Sky Falls Down’

Dealing with the legal ramifications of their fall out with former frontman Jeffrey Sutorius, Dash Berlin, now consisting of members Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn, have begun to distance themselves even further from their former partner. While both sides are currently taking all the action necessary to go their own directions outside of their ensuing legal battle, the duo recently posted a video at the turn of the new year to the Dash Berlin socials citing the true story behind the making of one of the groups biggest hits to date, ‘Till The Sky Falls Down.‘ The tune which is a notorious trance classic came out of a personal struggle. In the extremely short video, comprised of solely text, the duo goes on to reveal that the tune was written by member Sebastiaan Molijn.

The video’s text in full reads,

“My name is Seb. I write and produce songs. You might not know me, but you probably know my music.. In 2006 I wrote a song called ‘Til The Sky Falls Down‘ the autumn made me feel melancholic. Have you ever missed someone so bad, that it made you feel empty inside? That is the feeling that I wanted to translate into music. I wrote the piano part in my living room on a white Yamaha piano. The lyrics are autobiographical. I recorded the vocals with Vera who had the voice of an angel.”

With this short video being titled “Part 1” you can certainly bet there will be more of a conclusion to this untold story surrounding the group’s hit. In the meantime, however, while we don’t really know much else regarding the groups legal battle, both Seb and Eelke do plan on releasing new music in 2019 under Dash Berlin.

In the meantime, watch part 1 of the duo’s untold story for yourself below: