David Guetta and Tom Staar announce upcoming collaboration

In the summer of 2018, we were blessed with a massive Tom Staar remix of David Guetta‘s collaboration with Anne-Marie ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone’, where the vibe of the track was changed completely from a radio-friendly hit to a banging club tune. The seamless nature with which Tom Staar was able to achieve this transformation is truly impressive and left many wondering what would result from a collaboration between the UK based DJ and producer and David Guetta himself.

Tom Staar recently took to his Instagram to announce that he and David Guetta have been in the studio together and announce that there will be something coming out soon. The post shows the two DJs having a great time together in front of a large crowd. The post also includes the hashtag “this ain’t techno”, which might be an inside joke between the two or a possible hint to what we can expect to hear in their collaboration.

Guetta had one of the biggest years of his incredible career in 2018, once again proving his versatility and talent in the studio, releasing a variety of successful records in different styles. He also made a return to his roots, resuming his Jack Back alias, shining some light on his underground roots in his latest studio album ‘7’. In a recent interview, David Guetta opened up about his origins and his rise to stardom and appears to be starting off his 2019 just as strongly as he finished 2018, showing no signs of slowing down despite being in the scene for over thirty years now.

Though there are currently no details regarding a release date or a track name, fans of both artists will no doubt be eager to learn more about this historic collaboration.

Be sure to check out Tom Staar’s Instagram post below and follow both artists on social media for more news on their upcoming collaboration.



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