deadmau5 opens up about leaving social media in interview with Forbes

We know the name, we know the mask, but who is behind the brand? Joel Zimmerman, or deadmau5, shares some insight in his latest interview with Forbes. During the interview, he touches on several growth and development moments referred to as his “list of most defining moments”. The Canadian DJ, speaks about several epochs in his life – teens, twenties and thirties, demonstrating experiences which other young aspiring artists can admire and relate to.

Moments such as seeing the audience’s reaction at a KISS concert:

“That was a defining moment cause I couldn’t realize you could suck so bad at something and still put on a really great show.”

He also spoke about his this influencing the way he held his own shows to keep the crowd entertained:

“I’m headlining Ultra one year and I play a mash-up of Martin Garrix and “Old MacDonald Had A Farm.” And honestly while I thought it was a great set all anybody wrote about was that. That’s what got the attention, that’s what made the show great apparently. I’m like, “That’s dumb, but that’s the way it works.”

He chats about his carefree reason for leaving social media:

“These social platforms are for what purpose other than showing meals and look what I can do”.

It’s pretty reasonable for someone with a stabilized career to want to be as distant from social media as possible. The sole purpose for artists to utilize it is promotion and that is why he handed his social media over to his management team a while back. From personal moments, to stepping stones in his career, the interview allows readers to get a glimpse of deadmau5’s expansion and headspace. With the film ‘Polar releasing today, fans will have the opportunity to admire his progress with composing symphony scores in continuation to his string arrangement in ‘Where’s the Drop. We are very excited for what else he has in store.

Check out the full interview with deadmau5 here.