deadmau5 reveals his debut film score trailer for ‘Polar’

One question and a hot topic that comes and goes on the electronic dance music scene is ‘can an electronic music producer score a film production’? Thankfully, last year that question was answered when music icon Deadmau5 announced he was to score his first ever film. The upcoming movie titled ‘Polar’, based on the acclaimed novel, is set to release on January 25th on popular streaming platform Netflix and for the first time, we are now able to catch a first glimpse of the action-packed trailer.

Joel Zimmerman has always been one music producer who can create spectacular music productions so it leads us to believe that ‘Polar’ will be backed by an impressive score of music. In the trailer, we can already recognise Joel’s latest single, ‘Drama Free‘ which dropped last November as part of the DJs surprise EP release ‘Mau5ville Level 2‘. The track highly compliments the high-octane action that’s happening in the trailer which sees the actor Mads Mikkelsen portray a retired assassin who must evade his former boss only to confront him and those sent to kill the main star. While the trailer doesn’t give away to much details on any other pieces of the score, you can bet the Mau5 boss has some outstanding productions that everyone cannot wait to hear. Save the date and role on January the 25th when the film gets released.

If the score proves popular with his fans and more, could we see Deadmau5 return to score another film in the future? He sure has the capabilities to. We can also think of other music producers who are capable of producing film worthy scores. Eric Prydz rings a bell. For now, we’re looking forward to any announcement regarding new music from the Canadian DJ who normally outputs plenty of releases each year. Check out the trailer below and watch the action unfold.