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The Wolf of Wall Street reacts to Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s hit ‘The Hum’

American businessman Jordan Belfort is best known to many as ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. The tycoon and expert salesman inspired many when a 2013 movie of his life, starring Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie, was released. But one of the most iconic scenes in the film came during an exchange between Leonardo Di Caprio (playing the role of Jordan Belfort) and Matthew McConaughey, where the ‘Interstellar’ star began to hum a tribal war cry which became a sign of motivation all around the world.

The tune was later reimagined by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, who sampled the noise to create 2015 big-room hit The Hum‘ alongside Ummet Ozcan. Now, almost 4 years later, the real Wolf of Wall Street has reacted to the video for the very first time, after being shown the production by his son. Uploaded to Jordan’s Instagram channel, the video shows the Stratton Oakmont leader watching Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s video, where he says that the major difference between his own decadent parties and the Belgian DJ‘s reconstructed reality is that his parties had “no fat chicks”, unlike (in his opinion), the video for ‘The Hum’.

When asked if the Garden of Madness producer’s video echoed the realism of his events, he laughed and replied:

“No, we closed the beach down and paid all the cops first.”

Given the viral nature of recent debates over “the snowflake generation”, a term used to refer to the current crop of youth, who many believe are too easily offended, it will certainly be interesting to see the backlash of this video, which you can check out below:

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