Eric Prydz reveals new Holosphere for Tomorrowland Festival

With each passing year, the level of talent across the electronic music industry consistently challenges previous standards set by the most elite music producers, as individuals push their production abilities to deliver the most innovative music yet. But as technology progresses and production values have now become just as important as the music, a handful of artists are changing the game. Recently, we’ve seen Deadmau5 present his colossal Cube with version 3.0 set to debut at Ultra Miami this March while duo Slander deliver the goods in full force with their ‘The Eye’ stage production. Well, arguably the best in the business when it comes to production, Eric Prydz just set the bar again.

We don’t know how far the bar will be set but we know it’s going to be pretty high. The LA-based artist has just revealed ‘Holosphere‘ which looks set to debut at this years Tomorrowland Festival and we could not be any more excited. During previous years, the mastermind behind Cirez D has astounded thousands of fans with his ‘Epic’ and ‘Holo‘ shows, a series of performances in which Eric DJs behind jaw-dropping holograms and 3D visuals. Now it seems as though the Swedish sensation is ready to captivate further audiences with ‘ Holosphere’ in what we expect will be nothing short of mesmerising.

When it comes visuals and state of the art productions, Eric Prydz never fails to impress. Those who have been lucky enough to witness such performances will safely tell you just how epic they truly are. We don’t know the full details of ‘Holosphere’ yet and judging by its sphere shape, we’re not too sure if the structure will position front and centre of the mainstage, since traditionally, the hologram show is placed just in front of Eric as he performs. Could we see a full sphere like object, comprised of millions of LEDs, placed centre crowd? Time will tell on this one, but as soon as we have the details you will be the first to know. Check out the tweet that’s putting Pryda fans into a frenzy.