Hikaru Utada feat. SKRILLEX – Face My Fears

After months of anticipation and of eagerly awaiting his next release, Skrillex‘ new track is finally here! It has been pretty quiet over the King of Dubstep last year, the US-American did not tour a lot and, besides some remixes, fans were waiting patiently for a new Skrillex original. And what a way to end the drought! His newest track is not ‘just’ a new track, but the theme song of one of the most anticipated games of this decade: Kingdom Hearts III! Skrillex has teamed up with Japanese hit singer Hikaru Utada to create arguably his most emotional song yet: ‘Face My Fears’.

Utada, who has been responsible for a lot of other Kingdom Hearts songs such as Simple And Clean’ in the past, and Skrillex have created two versions of the track. One with Japanese and one with English vocals. The core of the track, however, remains the same. The lyrics tell the emotional story of wanting to face your deepest fears and crying everything out that has been haunting you. The drop is not typically something one would expect from Skrillex, but it suits perfectly to the rest of the track, picking up the vocals of the hook and creating a unique vibe, a mixture of bittersweet melancholy and optimism.

Skrillex, a huge fan of the Kingdom Hears series, even put a lot of references and hint to older Kingdom Hearts games in the track, so if you are a big fan of the franchise – you will notice. But even if you never played a single game of Square Enix and Disney’s masterpiece, you will still be able to see this track as a motivation. A motivation to never lose faith, even when the world looks dark and sad. There is always a better day coming – if you face your fears and take the deep dive. Luckily, Skrillex and Hikaru Utada are here to support you in that. Check out ‘Face My Fears’ now!