LUXSYNTH - Escapsim

LUXSYNTH – Escapism

A California born and bred, American producer LUXSYNTH has an intriguing tale behind his career. The budding producer, part of the Armed Forces and gradually developed a keen penchant for music production in the 6th year of services. As he honed and perfected his craft with time, he now stands to release just his second track titled ‘Escapism’. The American producer, while he borrows from a flurry of sources for his moniker, his essence, with regard to his music, remains singular – he wants to be the light that inspires people and allows them to know that it is acceptable to follow their dreams.

With ‘Nostalgia‘ being the first LUXSYNTH release, ‘Escapism’ comes as a reinforcement of the impressive simplicity of his productions. Simple as it may be, ‘Escapism’ impresses well as it builds on an adeptly crafted foundation, over which stellar detailing and precise synth punches do their magic. As the notes pan back and forth, the track’s atmosphere is filled with a settling calmness that lets the upbeat build-ups be adequately highlighted – making it a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience, not in the least due to the laid-back beat sequence that makes a cameo appearance. Ultimately, if ‘Escapism’ provides a blueprint for his exciting future, then it is fair to say that our eyes are set on what comes next from LUXSYNTH’s production desk.

You can check out ‘Escapism’ on iTunes here.


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