LYOD – Stay

Cologne, Germany’s 19-year-old hit maker, Nik Heidkamp aka LYOD, is back with his debut tune of 2019. With past tunes such as ‘Love It Or Leave It‘ and ‘Different Faces,’ the multi-talented producer displays his brilliance in many different styles. Channeling his inner Kygo, LYOD creates a wholesome swanky ambiance that is especially driven by the tunes featured artist San Diego based creative, Sam Gouthro. Combining his own uniquely recognizable topline in conjunction with the productions funky sway, it’s Gouthro’s tantalizingly soulful topline that is the glue to LYOD’s production.

In an excerpt regarding the origin of the tune, LYOD says,

“‘Stay‘ is a song I made in a time, that was full of changes and I wished to turn back time. As we did the song, we wanted to create something that gives you the chance to keep and remember those old memories.”

While LYOD never commented on whether this was a time of positive or negative change, the answer remains irrelevant, because  ‘Stay‘ undoubtedly elicits that hefty sense of nostalgia which comes in waves throughout the tune. Influenced by some of dance music’s top acts such as ODESZA, Martin Garrix, and more the youngster who’s currently in the midst of the adolescence of his career is certainly making a stellar name for himself with sound, tidy productions such as ‘Stay.

With heaps of inspiration and creativity, ‘Stay‘ excels in facets of sound design, opening the warm, roomy production for Gouthro to truly get behind. It’s this welling production that artists like LYOD put together that make vocal jobs like Gouthro’s fun and simple. As we make our way through 2019, you better believe LYOD is most certainly an artist to keep your eye on.

The track is out now, Check out the young German’s debut 2019 tune, ‘Stay‘ below for yourself on SoundCloud.