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Madeon amazes fans with surprise set during NYE

The new year 2019 is only 3 days old and it already began with a huge surprise. More precisely, for the people that attended the New Year’s Eve party of the Brownies & Lemonade Lounge in Los Angeles. After the venue posted some hints of special guests that would appear during the night, fans came to the conclusion that the French flag that’s seen in the tweet could mean that Madeon would perform there. And so he did! The ‘Shelter’ star from France, now living in the United States, started off his and everybody else’s 2019 with a bang.

After teasing a potential second album, the Frenchman played multiple hits from his beloved ‘Adventure’ album during his set at Brownies & Lemonade. More so, Madeon played a potential new ID of him. Luckily, a fan posted the track on Reddit to share some of that new Madeon magic.

Playing in his signature cap and jacket, the 24-year old treated fans with music from the likes of Daft PunkPorter Robinson and Porters trance alias Virtual Self. To close things in style, he ended his set with ‘September’  by Earth Wind Fire, the Madeon’s all time favorite song.

Luckily, a visitor of the show put together the pieces of the set, so you can check it out right now!