major lazer

Major Lazer tease music from fourth & final album

After the best part of a decade riding at the top of the mainstream EDM wave that swept through dance music in the late 00s, Major Lazer decided to call it a day in September 2018, but they aren’t leaving without one final swan-song. Fresh content posted on their Twitter profile, a live video taken at a recent festival, suggests the trio’s fourth and final album is on the way soon.

A simple shaky phone video manages to say it all – a manic EDM build, a trappy drop, and a decent dose of Latin rhythms, this is the Major Lazer that became huge on the festival circuit long before their pop-tinged side hit the mainstream charts. While tracks like ‘Lean On‘ and ‘Cold Water‘ are the Major Lazer that saw the group dominate the world, this has that taste of dancehall and Moombahton that typified their early work.

The crowd are certainly loving it to, and the hype surrounding what is currently only billed as #ML4 seems sure to reach a fever pitch before the final curtain falls and the group gracefully bow out to concentrate on other projects. Little further details exists as to when this might be coming, but watch this space.