Max Vangeli – I Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye

Thank You to everyone who has been part of this incredibly difficult, challenging, but yet inspirational journey! It’s amazing to have so many great people and cultures come together to remember an icon, and one of the best people our industry ever had.

Losing someone affects everyone differently. Some can cope and move on, but often those with more attachment to a person will take days, weeks, months, or even years to fully recover. The loss of Avicii hit the electronic music world as a shock, and the reaction of fellow DJs and producers across the world shows the love that was present for the young Swede. There has also been a clear effect on a number of artists. Otto Knows – Avicii’s childhood friend – has been extremely quiet on social media, and performed very few times; Arty dropped his own tribute track ‘Tim‘; Kygo got a tattoo to honour his friend and inspiration. Another artist that joins a long list of the affected producers close to Tim Bergling is Max Vangeli, and his emotional words atop this article describe his feelings of a difficult few months, in which he has openly displayed his feelings, sometimes a little too openly. Now, Vangeli returns to what he does best, by dropping an Avicii tribute track titled ‘I Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye‘.

After numerous Twitter outbursts, some aimed directly at other artists, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you’re one of the many people that didn’t expect Vangeli to return. The 33-year-old Moldovan openly explained that Bergling’s untimely death contributed massively to his own downfall, but now he is back to do what he is known for, and move beyond what he describes as an “incredibly difficult, challenging, but yet inspirational journey”, in a Facebook post about the track. ‘I Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye‘ possesses the Avicii sound that dominated his music in the past few years, with a rhythmic guitar pluck pattern kicking the track off. Classic Avicii leads and some incredible vocals combine to create what could be one of the most fitting tributes to a phenomenal artist. Though he isn’t able to provide new music, the Avicii legacy will inspire so many artists to do so in his memory, and this tribute from Max Vangeli is nothing shy of perfect.

Listen to the new Max Vangeli track ‘I Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye‘, and remember the life and work of Avicii through this incredible track. You can also check out the music video for this new track by hitting this link!

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