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Moonlit – ButterWax

A pairing that ventured first in the city of Boulder in Colorado, Denver based multi-instrumentalists Mike and Jeremy are a prime example of two musical minds fitting together like a well seated jigsaw puzzle. The duo, who go by the stage name of ButterWax, who first realized their potential for playing shows while performing live at local setups and bars, haven’t looked back since taking the decision to let their ‘loops and tings’ run onto the live stage. With Jeremy being an adept guitarist and Mike honing his skills on the saxophone ever since he was 12, the two make a solid pairing when on stage, dishing out serenading bass-lines live at their audiences as they layer their loops with sumptuous tenor expressions and guitar solos. Now ready for their first ever release, the duo presents their first single title ‘Moonlit’.

Primarily a single to accompany your late-night drives, ‘Moonlit’ is a track seeped in the ButterWax style of production – although no precedent to it, the single lays down an apt blueprint of what to expect from the Colorado based duo in the future. Kicking off with extremely laid-back beats, the single begins with impressive guitar work from Jeremy. The listening experience is further enriched by Mike’s excellent work on the tenor. As the track builds, the fruit of the wait is a heavily detailed and articulate guitar solo that is accompanied by a highly enjoyable loop that keeps the listener engaged. A top notch example of what could be termed as a ‘Jazz Jugalbandi‘, ButterWax’ first single is a thoroughly enjoyable dealing – one that should give Jeremy and Mike enough confidence to script their own story of success.

You can check out more about the Denver based duo here on Facebook.

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