Naeleck – Take A Sip

Producing across multiple genres with songs such as ‘Threnody‘ in the artists catalog, French-born, Tokyo-based artist Naeleck has returned with his newest dubstep influenced track entitled ‘Take A Sip.’ Featuring fellow French, Nantes-based artist FERD and topliner Viking N3 on the track as well, ‘Take A Sip‘ is a concoction of several very different auras. The tune kicks off with an aggressive, staunch opening from topliner Viking N3, which cascades out into an even more synth-driven bridge leading up to the tunes eventual screechy, full-throttle drop.

The tunes fills and accents are what give the production that little extra push. Rather than forcing a complete sound and dynamic change, Naeleck doesn’t seem to throw unnecessarily aggressive dubstep elements into the track, rather, he incorporates small nuanced fills that when brought together in ‘Take A Sip‘ give the tune a unique ambiance seemingly built around the influence of Viking N3. That being said, while the bulk of the credit is hard to necessarily divvy out fairly due to everyone’s role on the production, the track would be rather bland stand-alone dubstep styled tune without the eccentric writing and cadence that are delivered from Viking N3.

Jump into the new year with something different and take a listen to the late 2018 release below: