All Night Long – Jay Slay feat. Kelly Alaina

As an artist who has done well to establish himself with certain traits and a steady flow of singles, it is always a tough call to reinvent any aspect of the brand – push a little too much and it withers away in moments. But Canadian DJ and producer Jay Slay, who had previously established himself as J-Hamz, while having opted for this path, showcases that his commitment towards delivering exhilarating singles remains as high as ever. Having already released a remix competition for the single earlier, all focus is on his latest single titled ‘All Night Long’. Created with the help of Alberta based singer and songwriter Kelly Alaina, this is Jay Slay’s first single after his reinvention.

A thumping single that is built around a well laid foundation, Jay Slay’s first single is assuredly one for the club floors. As the overture takes a curtain call, Kelly’s commanding voice gets the track going at an exciting pace with the chirpy production details making their presence felt. With Kelly’s infectious chorus doing its charm around the ‘drop’, what impressive is that the track retains its original energy – an aspect that is a regular feature in all of Jay Slay’s older tracks. Solid beat-work that is laced with hints of stellar craft, ‘All Night Long’ is a track that affords a grand announcement to J-Hamz’ revolutionization into Jay Slay. Another that adds to his top-notch catalogue of singles, there is little doubt – Jay Slay is bound to continue the steady rise of J-Hamz.

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