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Otto Knows confirms return to music after hiatus

Home Uncategorized Otto Knows confirms return to music after hiatus

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Not exactly the most distinct lyrics, are they? However, whenever ‘Million Voices‘ drops you just can’t help yourself but belt out those ‘words’ as loud as possible. Music listeners across the world – not just electronic fans either – know Otto Knows for his iconic progressive house track from 2012, which dominated charts in numerous countries. In the same year, the Swedish producer dropped his iconic remix of Don Diablo’s collaboration with Matt Nash titled ‘Starlight‘, and a new household name in the electronic music scene had evolved. 7 years on, after a brief hiatus, the 29-year-old is returning, as announced on his Instagram.

Following the untimely death of his childhood friend Tim Bergling AKA Avicii, it is understandable that Otto dropped off the radar. Just months before Otto released his remix of Avicii’s track ‘Without You‘, taken from the final EP ever released by Bergling. Performing at Tomorrowland as part of Sebastian Ingrosso’s Refune Stage showed hope for the promising Swede, and was a positive sign to see Otto Knows – real name Otto Jettman – back on stage. Wiping his Instagram feed completely, it now appears as though he is ready to start fresh, with one post explain that his return is imminent and that new music is set to be released soon.

Check out the post for yourself below, and get ready for the certain masterpiece that is set to appear on streaming sites across the world very soon!


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