Party Favor – 2012

Innovative mind and American music producer Party Favor returns to feed the loyal fanbase with a production that echoes his signature grooves thick and through. For Dylan Ragland‘s latest track, the DJ returns to his musical roots which, over the years, has been the reason why electronic dance fans fall in love with the artist and his music. Dylan has long been a dominant figure for demonstrating one of the most talented and musically diverse repertoires of any music producer, and of late, the Los-Angeles based tastemaker has been killing it on the EDM scene with a flurry of tracks dropped on BMG and Mad Decent. Returning to Diplo‘s label once more, Party Favour wastes no time in releasing the beat laced track ‘2012‘.

The track is a mid-tempo and bouncy tune that flaunts a non-surprisingly energetic character. ‘2012‘ opens with loud claps and a protruding looped vocal before its bass-layered beats take the listener into Party Favor’s paid homage of hip-hop influenced basslines. The Infectious beats don’t stop there because the tracks drop sends even the most seasoned dance enthusiasts back to the early days of trap music’s infancy. ‘2012’ goes in hard making sure not a single note of music is missed from start to finish. Feel the momentum building as ‘2012’ grips your eardrums unwillingly and doesn’t let go.

Party Favor is a true force of nature and while he continues to expand his résumé, the music producer will be at the forefront of electronic dance music for a time to come. With more than one million listeners attracted to his Spotify each month, it comes as no surprise the artist is a popular choice among fans. Get yourself ready to feel the groove with ‘2012 and listen to the track below. Need more great music like this? Check out the latest releases here.