Taku Takahashi

Taku Takahashi – Pubic Hair Grooving

In one of the most bizarre awareness campaign adverts that you will ever come across, Japanese advertising company Ningen Inc. teamed up with internationally acclaimed DJ and record producer Taku Takahashi to produce a single purely out of wave forms generated by extracted pubic hair. As uncanny as it sounds, the single was part of an awareness campaign led by Japanese hair removal website Datsumou Recipe, which aims to inculcate in its home country, the supposed western values of pubic hair grooming in women. As Ningen Inc. is famous for its weird and funny sounding adverts and campaigns, the ‘Pubic Hair Grooving’ single aptly adds to their catalogue of undertakings.

Produced straight out of the pubic hair strands provided by volunteers, it is claimed that Takahashi produced the single by creating samples employing the physical attributes of the strands and collated the various strands into one single track. The result is this most bizarre yet impressive campaign to promote Datsumou Recipe’s cause. A laid-back break-beat single that delivers quite an eclectic drop’, the single is testament to Taku Takahashi’s adeptness at the production desk – a fact that global audiences have acknowledged ever since his career began with the hip-hop m-flo group in 1998. While it remains to be seen whether the campaign will really fulfil its primary goal of raising any such awareness, one thing is for sure – Ningen Inc. and Takahashi have created a single that will be iconic for years to come.

You can check out more about the single here.

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