Nicky Romero X Teamworx

Nicky Romero and Teamworx back in the studio ready to drop a new collaboration

Back in September 2017, Nicky Romero shared his new track ‘Champion Sound‘ with the world, and the infectious collaboration with Israeli duo Teamworx hit the festivals with a bang. The driving groove of the track captured the ears of so many DJs worldwide, and the production blew up in every set from then on, still receiving plenty of support to this day. Now, just over a year on, the Romero X Teamworx trio looks set to bring something new to the table, as a recent Instagram story shows the Teamworx boys back at Nicky’s studio making new music!

The clip, posted on Teamworx Instagram stories recently, shows an open project being played in the Protocol Studios HQ in Holland, with all the stems seemingly bounced and ready for the final touches before the track is released. The 15-second video gives a strong glimpse into the track, which carries the high energy, festival sound from ‘Champion Sound‘ and brings it forward to 2019 with just as much power and punch.

Nicky Romero is renowned for his ability to provide any track, from groovy big room tracks, to future bass, and more recently bringing back his progressive sound in a load of productions. Teaming up with one of Israel’s finest and fastest growing talents, who specialise in providing only the best tracks in their sets, the Romero X Teamworx collaboration is set to be released some time soon by all accounts, and you can be sure that this one will be taking to festival main stages across the world of electronic dance music!

Check out the clip below and get a feel for the upcoming Nicky Romero & Teamworx collaboration!

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