Seven Lions + SLANDER

Seven Lions, SLANDER & Dabin – First Time (Feat. Dylan Matthew) [Acoustic]

During the latter stages of 2018, American music producer Seven Lions welcomed electronic dance music fans to a sizzling collaboration with SLANDER and Dabin called ‘First Time‘. The track which captured the attention of many has since proven successful with more than four million streams on Spotify and notching up nearly half a million views on YouTube. Of course, the track was destined to be a hit thanks to the production abilities of both Seven Lions, SLANDER, and Dabin due to their irresistible talents to produce chart-topping productions. Now, the track, ‘First Time’, has been reimagined and with Dylan Matthew taking the spotlight with his vocals, we now have a stunning acoustic version.

Sometimes, it is hard to put a track into words when the music is simply too beautiful to describe. The acoustic version of ‘First Time‘ is one of those tracks that deserves attentive listening from start to finish. The reinterpretation of the track hits you right in the feels as Dylan’s vocals effortlessly float along the light piano melody. The clear vocals shine so vibrantly, you will instantly feel the hairs on your body rise with each note. As far as acoustic versions of electronic dance tracks go, this is arguably one of the best we’ve heard.

Alongside the stunning acoustic tune, the artists have released a live-recorded music video which makes listening to the track all the more spectacular. With no intense lighting or visual effects, watch Dylan feature in the music video playing the song live. It is certainly one way to welcome in 2019 and with the first month of the year in full swing, get ready for both Seven Lions and ‘Gud Vibrations‘ pair SLANDER to constantly deliver the goods. Check out the track and it’s music video below and allow yourself to float in the breathtaking vocals of ‘First Time‘ – the acoustic version.