Spotify launches simplified car view mode for easy music control while driving

After an extensive testing period, music streaming platform Spotify has now launched a new car view mode, that allows users to control their music more easily when behind the wheel. The new driver-friendly feature appears automatically on the car’s display when the app detects a Bluetooth connection. The car view mode makes it much easier for drivers to browse, seek, skip and search through their Spotify playtlists, as it supersizes track controls, song info and other important controls, like the shuffle option. Free users can experience the new view through the app’s shuffle mode. For the moment, the new car view mode is only available to Android users.

The biggest advantage to users, obviously, is that there are less distractions now while driving and listening to music at the same time. The “Now Playing” screen looks much more simple, showing larger text for the artist name and track titles, and the most-used control buttons are bigger too. The distracting underlying artwork has also disappeared from the display. Car view will no doubt be a welcome addition to the platform, but users who are not quite ready for the change yet can dismiss the feature “until your next drive”, or disable it altogether via the Spotify settings.

Even though Spotify has now launched the car view mode worldwide, the Swedish streaming giant emphasizes that the feature is still in the testing phase, meaning that in-car users can expect more improvements and changes soon. Spotify hasn’t announced when the new feature will be available to iOS users, but he FAQ released alongside the car view mode states that the company will announce iOS compatibility as soon as it’s ready.