Al Sharif & Sunday Noise

Sunday Noise, Al Sharif and Uncore debut ‘Lies’ music video

Debuting in late 2018 on Marcus Schossow’s label, Code Red – promising young Peruvians Sunday Noise, and Uncore teamed up with San Diego based Al Sharif on the soothing tune that is ‘Lies.‘ Now roughly two months following the tune’s release, ‘Lies‘ has officially received an equally as lax music video to accompany the songs summery ambiance filmed by Caspillo Flims & RWS. Onset in the always beautiful residence of Los Angeles, California, the ‘Lies‘ music video is nothing but a laid back day at the beach. Making beautiful use of the Venice pier, Hollywood backdrop and mesmerizing oceans that make up much of California’s coast, the tunes music video is a testament to the tracks eternal-summer sound.

Making its debut on popular house focused YouTube channel “Soul’s House,” the central theme around the ‘Lies‘ music video, ironically counteracting the tune’s title, is unity. The togetherness dance music brings to the world is special and in the final close-out shot on the music video, we are introduced to some sound bites which exclaim that this togetherness is the sole purpose and connection between us all. So no matter where you are from, there’s a little something for everyone to take from the ‘Lies‘ music video. Especially if you like a fun, relaxing shot style.

Check out the music video for Sunday Noise, Al Sharif and Uncore’s ‘Lies‘ below: