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More than just an awesome

Tchami & ZHU go B2B for epic Holy Ship! performance

Home Uncategorized Tchami & ZHU go B2B for epic Holy Ship! performance

More than just an awesome festival, Holy Ship! returned at the start of 2019 for what is one of the most unique experiences the electronic dance music scene has to offer. Floating through the ocean and surrounded by 4,000+ like-minded music enthusiasts, the music vacation that also offers yoga classes, Zumba and Nintendo Wii sports is a must for everyone to experience at least once in their lifetime. Since it’s inception in 2012, Holy Ship! marked their eighth festival edition and while onboard, an epic back to back went down with two legends steering the CDJ sail. French music producer Tchami joined the talented American ZHU as the pair delivered an hour-long B2B performance.

Located at the pool deck, the duo took the stage’s helm as both Tchami and ZHU wasted no time in lifting the already bustling mood, dancing away to a picturesque skyline. There was an interesting selection of tracks played throughout the set which included the pair opening the performance with Stardust‘s ‘Music Sounds Better With You‘. Classics aside, the flurry of electronic bangers descended on Holy Ship!’s crowd with the track listing showing no mercy. From Round Table Knights & Bauchamp’s ‘Calypso‘ to Alex Stein & K.A.L.I.L ‘s ‘The Challenger‘, the beats kept coming and coming. Of course, no ZHU performance is complete with the music producer out playing one of his most iconic tracks – ‘Faded‘.

The B2B set is, as some would call it, ‘pure fire‘ as the pair deliver what is one of the best B2B performances we’ve seen in a while. Uploaded to YouTube, the full set is available for your viewing and you can catch it from start to finish below. If you’re ready to take your music tastes to the seas and fancy a trip aboard Holy Ship! next year (I know, it seems quite a long way away), check out their website here and stay tuned for 2020 updates.


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