Third Party

Third Party release full video of special LIIIVE performance

Hugely popular UK duo Third Party have become one of the biggest names in dance music over the past few years. Dropping their debut album ‘HOPE‘ in 2017, the release was widely considered as one of the greatest productions of recent times, with every track proving something of a masterpiece. Amassing a huge fanbase made up of ‘The Release Family’, the progressive pair have now delighted their fanatical support by dropping the full video of one of their most incredible shows to date.

Taking to the stage at Liverpool’s Olympia last Spring, Harry and Jonnie (aka Third Party) used a range of synth pads and live instruments to craft an entirely organic performance which fused the lines between a DJ set and real musician’s concert. They also debuted many of their fresh tracks for the first time at the show, including ‘Midnight, and Sentinel‘s ‘Orbit’, which was later released on their Release Records imprint.

With the label also playing host to their eagerly anticipated 2019 album ‘TOGETHER‘, the production is set to drop very soon and will feature previous singles ‘Free’, ‘Come With Me’, and ‘Remember’. If you’ve not got your ticket to the Third Party hype train yet, the time to board is now because these boys are continuing their meteoric rise at an alarming rate and show no signs of slowing down! You can catch the full LIIIVE set below!

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