Thrones Club marks an iconic night with performance from GOT star Hodor

As we have been reporting in the past few weeks, the newly established Thrones Club in the port-town of Famagusta has been making great progress, after having played host to some of the biggest DJs of the scene. While it recently let Dutch DJ duo of Magnificence take the place behind the decks, the club has also hosted the likes of the legendary Vini Vici and Teamworx among myriad others. Adding to this stellar roster, the club hosted a special guest just last weekend. As we all know, the club is based along the theme and story of the Game of Thrones TV show – with the folks behind the club being big fans of the globally famous series.

In line with this history of the setup, the club hosted North Irish DJ and actor Kristian Nairn – the very actor who played the role of Hodor in the famed TV series. The celebrity DJ added to the club’s recent rise in an iconic manner – by setting up and performing the coveted ‘Rave of Thrones’ show. The club also saw a great crowd – possibly due to the involvement of Kristian – and the theme for the party was unmistakably about the Game of Thrones franchise, with the Iron Throne marking out its presence. Another night of great joy at the Thrones Club as the crowds got their money’s worth and the club added to its credentials with a star performance from Hodor himself.

Check out some photos from the night, below. For more photos, head here.


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