Celebrate Tiësto’s birthday by rewinding to the iconic 2004 Olympics set

While each of the Olympic events becomes a historic event in its own right, as part of the timeless history of the Games, nothing compares to the 2004 edition of the Games where, for the first time ever, a DJ played at the opening ceremony of the event. While the parade of nations and the Olympic Flame are a regular feature for the viewers, what marked out the 2004 event was the presence of DJ Tiësto behind the decks at the Olympic Stadium in Maroussi, Greece. Tiësto, who was arguably at the height of his fame, dished out a sumptuous package of some of the biggest hits of the time, as the national contingents of the Olympic participants were led out, one after the other, into the stadium.

For his fans and Trance in general, the moment marked an iconic instance where one could confidently remark that electronic music had, albeit for a few hours only, staked its claim as the global music – the rhythm and rhyme that got the world moving at once. Featuring towering hits such as ‘Traffic’, ‘Olympic Flame’, ‘Flight 643’ and a rendition of Samuel Barber’s ‘Adagio for Strings’, Tiësto rung out the massive venue with exhilarating energy and great panache. Assuredly one of the most memorable moments for not only the dance music community but also for the entwined progress of the Games and music into the present, Tiësto’s inspiring set at the opening ceremony of the 2004 Olympics is one to be etched into the annals of history.

You can check out the full track-list of the performance here on 1001Tracklists.


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