WizG – Back To You

Los Angeles based duo WizG have brought their energetic, uptempo production style into 2019 with a bang behind their latest tune, ‘Back To You.‘ The poppy production features notable topliner Mechi Pieretti who’s renowned for her vocal and writing work on major labels such as Spinnin’ Records, Sony Music, and even Playstation VR. Although individually, WizG and Mechi Pieretti may not be “household names,” however together, the duo boasts an astounding 21 million plays across their combined catalogue. Needless to say, when both join forces as they have on ‘Back To You‘, the two certainly have all the credentials to make some noise with the fun, effervescent project.

Playing some of LA’s top venues and opening for the likes of Dada Life, Matoma and Lost Kings, WizG translates their bubbling energy straight into their productions. In this instance, it’s ‘Back To You‘s’ lofty synth and melody work, that combine for production not only catchy enough to grab any casual listeners attention but a base open enough for Pieretti to make the song her own, showcasing her top-notch writing and top-lining skills.

In hindsight, ‘Back To You‘ is a little token, or indication rather, that WizG’s production style is steadily progressing. Looking back over their past tunes such as ‘Just For Tonight‘ and ‘What About Us,‘ listeners can audibly detect the duo’s growth and evolution throughout their work although rather nuanced in detail. With the duo’s notable progression and the loads of obvious potential gleaming from the track, it’s not too farfetched to think the duo could make 2019 their break out year. While we’re only in the beginnings of 2019 – only time will tell. Needless to say, we’re looking forward to what the Los Angeles based duo are working on for the remainder of the year.

Listen to WizG & Mechi Pieretti’s first 2019 tune, ‘Back To You‘ below: