Zedd displays incredible LEGO installation in his luxury home

Ever wondered what superstar DJs like Zedd like to keep in their home? A gigantic swimming pool perhaps? A home cinema? A huge production studio? Nope, the answer is LEGO! The ‘Clarity producer has taken to social media to show fans the stunning new installation in his home, made entirely out of the popular children’s toy.

Designed by Dante Detoni, the construction has replaced a wall in Zedd’s house, and includes several hidden depths, including a special tribute to Omnia in Las Vegas, the superclub where Zedd often plays when staying in Sin City. As well as the homage to one of Nevada’s most glitzy hotspots, the LEGO build has an alien abduction world and much more.

You can check out the full design below, which, to be honest, is quite simply mesmerising. Can we have one like this in our home too, please?

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