Zedd’s iconic hit ‘Slam The Door’ turns 7 years old

Iconic Russo-German DJ/producer, Zedd is celebrating the 7 year anniversary of ‘Slam The Door’. The track’s actualization was idealized by Zedd’s interest in making a “song that’s as simple as possible, but at the same time different from anything everyone else would do”. Hinting at a musical climate that fosters a generic and ordinary artistic movement, he said he “tried to think of a bass drum-rhythm that not everyone is using, and it’s really hard to find something innovative in 4/4 and 128 bpm.” To no surprise, that statement still stands many years later.

In speaking of the banger in subject, ‘Slam The Door’ plays an eclectic yet dirty groove aimed to shake up a dance-floor. Sampling from a movie scene of ‘Winnebago Man’, the tracks continuously maintains a fiery spark that speaks both rage and rave at the same time. Although Zedd has become commercially famed for his dramatic approach in combining pop and dance music, it’s critical to note the musical evolution and audience-response that acted as major keys to Anton’s success as an artist.

He continues to show that with time and art, there’s never any shame in breaking boundaries and doing the unexpected, regardless of how others may react- as long as it comes from a genuine place. Who knows what’s to come in the future for Zaslavski, yet whether we’ll get chart-topping ballads, club-stomping rippers, or even a potential 2019 album, something special always awaits when the name ‘Zedd’ precedes the song title.

Relive ‘Slam The Door’ below!