Marcus Cardello

Marcus Cardello – Girl

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The question that sends chills down our spines is ‘just how much talent goes unnoticed these days?.’ Today, that is NOT the case as we present you this quirky new single from Swedish producer Marcus Cardello. Given little to no exposure, we are here to push him and his talents to the forefront. As Sweden continuously breeds the most lucrative talent in dance music, it is no surprise to see the young Marcus Cardelöv arise from the shadows.

Catching our attention is the heavily addictive record “Girl.” Composed to perfection, the track greets you with a somber chord progression that is guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings. Accompanied by a nourishing vocal hook, the two elements align for a special occasion. As you are persuaded into diving further, the single treats you to an uplifting chorus that will simply leave you speechless.

Imposing his musical will onto the listener, this smooth production possesses an aura that you don’t find in many songs today. After just a month, it’s tragic how much the dance music community has slept on this record. The young producer leaves us wanting more and if he is delivering beauties like “Girl,” we can expect nothing but greatness going forward.

Listen to “Girl” below.

Image Credit: Marcus Cardello – Girl (Artwork)

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