Cheat Codes – Ferrari (feat Afrojack)

If there is one thing fans are accustomed to, it is artist reinvention. Mixing genres, experimenting with new things and always seeking a new approach. It is these qualities that we see in Cheat Codes and Afrojack‘s new single; ‘Ferrari’

American trio, Cheat Codes, is relatively new on the electronic scene, who gained prominence with their single ‘Sex’ with Kriss Kross Amsterdam in 2016, bringing all the freshness of tropical house with trap and dancehall influences to the more pop scene of electronic music. Their incredible rise to fame has seen them work with the likes of Demi LovatoThirty Seconds to Mars and now, Afrojack.

One of the artists responsible for the birth of the famous Dirty Dutch sound many years ago, today, he flirts with several other genres of electronic music, including trap and dubstep and in this mix, the formula for ‘Ferrari‘, proved to be a combination of both. The track starts with hip-hop style vocals. while the drop is full of trap & Big Room influences, with traces of good old EDM sounds which helped Afrojack earn his stripes. ‘Ferrari‘ has everything to be one of the hits of the summer. Listen below!