Dada Life – Headless Hobby Horse (Teamworx Remix)

Israeli duo Teamworx have forged their name thanks to their knack for creating big-room anthems that are stock full of energy and never fail to please a crowd. Their latest work is certainly no exception, as they take on Dada Life’s 2018 track, the rather unusually named ‘Headless Hobby Horse’, and put their own high energy and insanely pleasing twist on it.

The original is a relatively simple affair, with a quirky little melody and, in EDM terms at least, a pretty minimal production style. Teamworx take the track by the horns, and push it full steam into a festival-ready mainstage anthem, complete with solid rhythms, a bouncy wobbly bassline, some techy and twisty drops, and most importantly of all, a searing melodic build, complete with inspiring vocal sounds and an insane level of anticipation that builds and builds before it all kicks off again.

The remix comes at a prime time of the year – with festival season just around the corner you can be sure this one will be utterly hammered by the big-boys, not to mention Teamworx themselves. ‘Headless Hobby Horse’ is out now as part of Dada Life’s ‘Our Nation (Remixes)’ album, so stream it below now, or grab your copy of the album here.