Deadmau5 deletes Twitch account after being accused of hate speech

deadmau5 – for many, one of the great geniuses of today’s electronic music, for others, a hater who talks more than he should. Regardless, his opinions and choice of words often leave him sitting in hot water. Joel Zimmerman, the world’s craziest mouse, who late last year caught himself up in a mess involving Slushii, recently became embroiled in yet another controversy, this time by calling a person “f*g” while streaming the game; PUBG.

Joel is one of the few artists in the electronic scene who is completely involved with games and technology, after all, he is a great lover of both. He often streams on Twitch, showcasing himself producing his songs, showing the creation process of his Cube 3.0 and of course playing some of his favourite games, but after his most recent occurrence, deadmau5 has deleted his account off the platform.

While deadmau5’s comments are known to offend sometimes, his intentions aren’t often a reflection of them. Banned by Twitch, Joel then decided to delete his account, along with all the content that involved hours and hours of his creative process, which is very sad. Soon after, he took to Reddit to voice his opinion.